Implenting glLockArraysEXT() (does not work for me)

I want to use glLockArraysEXT() and I copied all the extension stuff (which I could see) and pasted in my programm, still it says glLockArraysEXT() is a undeclared identifier… How come?
Thanks for any help.

P.S. I don’t like to use glext.h, but I have extensions already working without it, so…

how are you declaring it? without glext.h it should be:

typedef (APIENTRY * PFNGLLOCKARRAYSEXTPROC) (int first, GLsizei count);


With glext.h you would discard the first line.


Oh, i managed to get it right now.
At least it gives me no error.
Is it automatically working then?
(I can see no difference in speed )
Thanks for the help.

You also have to use wglGetProcAddress in order to assign the function pointer to the entry point into the drivers.