Image Processing using OpenGL in C++, Linux

I am new 2 this forum, I have just gone through some of the topics, really an interesting & may be helpful forum.
I have a project in image processing, to do it in LINUX, C++. Now my question is, whether can I use Open GL library function ? OpenGL is mainly I heard, for graphics programming.
Waiting for your help.

It all depends what you want to do?
You could quite easily use opengl for some basic effects like image rotation, flipping, scaling etc.
I’ve never really heard of someone using it for this before.
If it’s just pure image editing you have in mind, you’d probably be better off using a image library, I don’t know anything about these, I believe ImageMagick is one, or of course the gimp.

This is my first reply on this forum!
You can use the Libary CImg,Its site is
It is a good Libary for Image Processing,Now I use it!

Thank U redarrow & spring.
Here server was down for last few days, so sorry for the late.
Nice to have your suggestions, my project is actually to find a cyclone center from a bmp image where cyclone center is circularly sorrounded by other color image. 2 read the RGB values for each pixel, store the color information, find the sequence of colors, then the center. I can provide some of the images if required later.
Till now using opengl library function I can read a 24-bit bmp image & find the RGB pixel values.
But sometimes some bmp images can’t read, showing segmentation fault(core dummped).
Can U tell me the reason?

It seems you do not really need OpenGL to do your work. But you’ll need a good library to load images, just because BMP are quiete stranged.
Maybe you can have a look at the Devil image library or just convert it to a know format (RGB is really fine and there’s lot of codes to load them on the Internet). You’ll then have an array of all the values of your image (red, green and blue and per-pixel). With some maths, you’ll end easily, surely.

A segmentation fault generally occurs when you try to use a wrong pointer (ie that is not allocated or bad affected…).

Hope that helps.

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