image over opengl app??

ok, here is my problem:
I have got to put the cover of a magazine over an OpenGL application. This app is implemented over a weird library named “acu”. What did i figured out? I did a scan of the cover, transformed it in an RGBA TGA and tried to make a transparent texture. My idea was to put the texture over the app, so the text was displayed and the rest of the image (with alpha == 0) was transparent. Here started the troubles: my texture just won’t be displayed. Why? It is 512x512 so it isn’t the notorious 2^someting problem. TEXTURE_2D is enable and the same piece of code works in a normal opengl context. I tried to figure out what the heck this “acu” lib doed, but so far no good. Anyone has ANY idea of what to do? i have also the
stuff running. I just have no clues.
I tried also to write the image PIXEL per PIXEL (weird, i know) bou the bit table looks somehow screwed up (i have a y++ for-cicle, but my pixels aren’t just near one to another. They look like the are 20 lines away one from the others). So what can I do? I am quite desparate, so any help is well appreciated.
Thanks my friends, the Gunslinger