Image information and OpenGL

Does anyone know of a good source anywhere that has information on the topic of reading in image data of different types? You know, details on how to bring in any type of image information into an App (like into a buffer to use for texturing in an openGL App). A broad treatment on the subject would be great, but I suppose one that touches on picts, bitmaps, and jpegs would be just as good, and maybe tiffs. And if such a source talked in any detail about header specifics (which it would probably have to to some extent) I would feel even better about my day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I apologize in advance if some feel this is a little off topic. I just can’t seem to be able to hunt the info down anywhere else.


You may want to use SDL and SDL_image. SDL_image is a library that allows you to load almost any kind of images.
Do a search on google for ‘SDL library’.

wotsit has links to file formats. they have most if not all image formats. the documents explain how the files are created and how the data is packed. very helpful for parsing files.


Thanks a bunch. I will look into both of these avenues.