I have to write an essay about OpenGL for university. In my presentation I’d like to display
some rendered images. Since the rendered file is an application, I don’t how to isolate the content of the window and how to put it in a bmp or some other format. At the moment I’m working with MS-Windows. Can anybody help me?

Greetings, Stefan

P.S.: Please excuse my bad English

Do a screenshot (just press Printkey open paint or whatever programm and Insert it (Ctrl-V))


Thanks, this works faster than I supposed.
Now I got the same problem with moving pictures, I’d like to record a frame-sequence
from some 3D-Shooter like Quake and put into a video-stream to visualize the Performance-
difference between normal software- and OpenGL Acceleration.
I need something that records what’s happenig on my Monitor.

Check out HyperCam shareware here.