image display

I am very new to openGL programming and I need some help with this task: I have 4200 .bmp images which I need to display sequentially to the screen at a rate of 60hz. For this experiment it is extremely important that there are no dropped frames and that each frame is displayed for exactly the same time. so far, each of the demos and example files I have seen either don’t work at all or crash the computer. I am currently working with a Mac using MatLAB with the psychophysics toolbox but could use code warrior instead. If any one has a simple bit of code that I could use to accomplish this task I would really appreciate seeing it. Thanks.

Do you really need a program to do it?

How about creating a MPEG-2 video with all those bitmaps? Then, just play the video.

Maybe that was a bad suggestion, cause I don’t know how you would do it. :slight_smile: