Image and 3D model, same view in Windows?

I am trying to find out if this is feasible or not with OpenGL.

I want to be able to overlay a 3D model on top of a TIFF image. The background TIFF image would be fixed, but the 3D model can be translated/rotated by the user with either keyboard mouse commands and all of this was to be done in the same view (or frame) of a Windows program.

I know enough about OpenGL to know that it can easily handle the display and manipulation of the 3D model but what about the TIFF image? Is it possible to display image files with OpenGL? And if so, at what level of difficulty?

If my description of the problem is not clear enough, please let me know. And if anyone knows of a better way of doing this - maybe without OpenGL - I would love to hear your opinions.

should be easy enough.

render a quad and texture it with the desired .tiff background image. The quad dimensions will be that of your viewport. also, set an orthographic projection when rendering the background quad.

then switch over to a perspective view and render your 3D geometry.