I'm searching for interested OpenGL developers


Months ago I wrote a post in this forum about this topic and now I want to give it another try.

My name is Andy Reimann. Graphics programming is my favourite topic and so I descided to start the project GEAR.

GEAR is a game engine written in C++, which uses OpenGL as the render engine. It is windows only and up to now it isn’t a small project anymore.
The Project itself was started in January 2010.

You can see some nice screenshots of the engine here (more on the project page:

Currently I’m searching for interested project partners, which not only want to use a ready Game engine but also want to have a look behind the wall.
The basic framework of GEAR is ready for new ideas.

The hole project is documented very well: Documentation

Also tutorials for compiling and using the engine are available on the Project Page as well as much more information about the engine itself: GEAR Project page

I am happy about any E-Mail from a interested person to the adress: andy.reimann@uni-weimar.de


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