im looking for a unique textured model

im looking for one unique textured model (like necessary for objectspace bumpmapping), ideally one with about 5,000 tris.
i have made my own models but they are all rather simple and dont stress ‘the algorithms’ enuf.
ideally also im looking for quite a complicated model eg the standford bunny (i think thats the name) is not good enuf cause its quite simple ie its rather rounded ie theres not much difference of angle between adjacent faces.

ps dont suggest 3dcafe or polycount
cheers zed

How about the spitfire airplane in my Spider3D demos?

still looking?

what format?

any idea what you would like? (character/vehicle/etc)

basically anything (as long as its a bit complicated ie the stanford bunny is out, its just a ball with a couple of ears).
basically i want to test my objectspace bumpmapping method with it knowing if it handles this model then it can handle all models (hopefully).
ive made my own models in the past but theyre a bit basic.

whatever i downloaded 6.1mb of the file + then opera crashed.
r u sure the model is unique textured ie each polygon in the model, has a unique space in a texturemap.

The Stanford Dragon? Happy Buddha? Lucy?

You can decimate them to reduce triangle count (116 millions tris for Lucy…), and IMO if you can do these three, you should be ready for anything

cheers that dragon looks to be exactly what im looking for (after i reduce the tri count )

edit - one second thought those models wont contain any texture data either,
then again they will be extremely useful for other things
another link of that page was

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zed, I didn’t mean for you to dl the GDK. The GDK doesn’t have the model in the format I was going to give you. Sorry about not mentioning that .

r u sure the model is unique textured ie each polygon in the model, has a unique space in a texturemap.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Are you talking about unwelded vertices?

Automatic parameterization is a hot-topic right now. See for example:

Harmonic maps:



The algorithms are quite difficult to implement, but maybe one of the authors will provide you the texture mapped meshes.

cheers for the links (the first 2 i knew already)
but man that third one,
im blown away by how much info is actually on the internet.

good suggestion i might try emailing one of these guys