Im a begginer :D

Hello :expressionless: Im a completely begginer in opengl… I like it cause its easier than dx8 of course but i dont know some basic things that would allow me to program. i get confused with all the GL_SOMETHINGS and the glSomething, they are so many! can anyone suggest anything? is there any books i can get to learn?
Thanx a lot in advance


Since you’re new to opengl, I suggest U to use glut. I think it is easy to understand. For me, the most basic and important thing to understand in opengl is not how to initialize the windows but how to use the transformation matric. What I mean is glTranslate,glRotate, and glScale.

So about the book,I don’t like books! And I don’t have any! Maybe thats why I’m still a beginer Here,try this link:

I think that’s enough for starting. Do you know 3D Exploration?Check it out.It makes your life easier!

Try the tutorials on If you’re serious about learning OpenGL (willing to spend money) I’d definitely recommend the OpenGL Programming Guide 3rd Edition - The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 1.2 by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, 1999, Addison-Wesley.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to save money (and since OpenGL 1.2 isn’t supported by Microsoft anyway), the older version (1.1) is online. Just search this discussion board for the “red book”.

Later on, when you know a bit more, you might find the “blue book” just as handy. Both are a bit dry to read, but hold everything you need to know (except extensions ).

OK guys, thanx both, ill check everything out