ideas for eye-candy

hi all,
i was about to embark on a small project. Something like Winamp’s Geiss plugin. A sound sensitive eye candy program…i just wanted some novel ways to create interesting sound inspired visuals…i would also appreciate if you include “how to do” with your ideas. If i choose to use your idea i shall name the effect after you :wink:

btw whats the fastest way to do(fake) motion blur on a low end gfx card?

One cheap-ish way of faking motion-blur is to forego clearing the frame-buffer every frame and merely splat a full-screen black (or other colour) texture over the previous frames contents with an alpha value calculated from the time between frames and the total time you want to pass before an ‘echo’ has completely faded.

Personaly, I like shapes that morph into other shapes. Prefereably math shapes and not something like faces. You can add some texture animation if you want, but the beauty is in the object morphing.

Perhaps something as simple as water droplets merging and wobbling. Give it a metallic look and that would even loook sweeter.

Looks up marching cubes (goes by other names too) and get some text on the electrostatics (physics).


Not more bleedin’ metaballs pleeeaasseee!
Try to do something nobody has done before.