IDE question -

The picture below is taken from the project settings of a correctly working project. What entities are the circled ones; they have no file extensions. Thanks in advance.


Do you see where it says “libraries” on top of the list?

I believe they do it on purpose. Depending on the OS, libraries could have different extensions.
Plus, the default syntax on gcc to link to a library is just to give the library name without the lib prefix, without the versions and without the extension.

I’ve got several items in my library for the app: -lopengl32 & -lglut32.lib; know that one extension is .lib glut32.lib.

libraries can be .a, .lib, etc, and why is the extension concealed? It would be helpful to know

As said above, this is gcc’s options syntax. Your IDE just follows them.

This is the way the MinGW linker works; it does not specify the library extension, even on the command line. If you’re not happy about that you will need to raise it as an issue with the MingW developers, because it’s got nothing to do with OpenGL.