I NEED your help please!!!

Hello, i am a beginner and i need as soon as possible a source code to draw a simple christmas tree (visual c++). :slight_smile:
PLEASE help me…

Sounds like someone is late with a programming assignment.

here’s some pseudocode:


Well, if youre in a hurry… Draw a 2d bitmap of the christmas tree and 1 ornament, and you can change the ornament colors with glColor.

I’d make an tree editor, to define, where the lights should flash, and where to put the ornaments, and then clean the code up, to have a tree viewer :slight_smile:

Yes all these sounds nice :slight_smile:
but can i find somewhere a code ??? :wink:

uumm…wow, that was supposed to be a joke what I posted before.

Anyway, my point is
at least try and do your own work.
Don’t just ask someone to do it for you.

Do you have any remotely thought out questions?
Or, are you just expecting someone to do your work for you and post the code?

What is it that you’re stuck on? what don’t you understand? etc…

Yes i want the source code :wink: if someone want to help me , i will appreciate.
Thanks guys for the help…

It is not the right place to ask for someone doing your homework.

It is a place where you can LEARN opengl.

Yes i know but i can’t learn opengl in 5 days and finish my homework. After that i will start learn it. If you want to help me its ok but if you don’t want help me its not problem. :slight_smile:

get some code from nehe’s xmas contest, AND NEXT TIME you do your homework

Sorry, no codes found there!!! :frowning:

here xmas contest i just checked the page !