I need your code !

Hi !

I’m the webmaster of glVelocity and I’m building up a code archiv where I post some of my classes and other useful stuff.

But now I want your code, too :wink: If you think you wrote a useful class, please send it ! Other stuff is also cool. It doesn’t have to be OpenGL / game devlopment related. If you wrote a cool class for handling desktop objects that’s also fine !

I’ll give the author of every entry credit in the archive. If you want you can write a little text file with your name and website, I’ll include it in the zip file.

Please send your submissions to: tcs@thereisnofate.net
Try to stay below 100K, just code, no pics, no exe files !

Thank you

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What if you have no class?

That’s also OK, just send the code in…