I need the OpenGL *.h *.lib files to start

Hello Volks,
i have just started with OpenGL (a internet - friend told me to start with GLUT) and there are big probs i have.


  • I have no files, ok not the correct ones
  • If i compile a demo - prog,
    the compiler tells me:
    Glut32.lib contains invalid OMF record
    type 0x21
  • What shall i do?
  • Might the files i got are VB files,
    and not Borland c++ 5.02 files
    for my compiler?

Ok, i hope anyone of you will help me
Mfg. Christoph

The libraies you are using is in MS format you need Borland compatible libraries. You wrote VB but I guess you mean VC. Here is one page with Borland .lib files for GLUT http://sites.netscape.net/ptrpck/borland.htm

In the topic did you wrote “OpenGL *.h *.lib” but your post is only about GLUT. If you need to update more files can you find instructions here http://www.gnt.net/~heiman/