i need a help``

here i got a big problem.

i had signed them ,
i needed your help

Big problem, little picture. What’s the problem? Looks like three boxes with a princess on each one.


i mean the texture looks uncomfortable. model of picture does not look like physics model

i have no ideal


I’d like to apologize on behalf of the rest of the forum for subjecting you to that. Rest assured, the contents of that document does not constitute the general attitude on these forums.

However, your question would be best posted in the beginners forum. Also, you need to better explain what it is that you’re asking for.

@Alfonse: Didn’t someone already tell you once, that you shouldn’t talk “in the name of everybody”? And let me assure you, i know these forums much longer than you, most people here won’t bother to answer a question that barely deserves to be called a question.

@beginnertom: It is not clear what your actual question is. Formulate in several sentences what you want to do and what your problem is. THEN people can try to help you.


ok thanks Alfonse Reinheart and Jan 's advice
i will pay attention .

And what’s the problem ?
I don’t understand what you mean :confused:

Hey beginnertom,

This forum is really good at answering questions and pictures of what you’re getting can be extremely helpful. The problem is we can’t see what the problem is. If you were trying to render three cubes in perspective with a princess on each face, I’d say it looks great.

I see the circles in the picture, which kind of points me to the area you’re concerned about, but I need more information about what you want to see.

For example, you might say “I’m rendering these three cubes and the top cube is always in front of the other two cubes from any direction I move the camera”.

thank you strattonbrazil.
I do not mean the camera problem.
What I mean is the texture problem.
There are normal projection (of course, including the texture projection problem).
I am only a novice in this regard.
Just want to find the best solution in this regard.

here i made up a simple exam .

This discussion reminds me of :

what do you mean exactly by “physics model” ?

… sorry probably a language barrier, but I can’t understand :

  1. what is currently wrong ?
  2. what do you want to do instead ?

my question is the texture and texruep map
in fact i am an beginner of opengl.
i drawed a box
and it is very ugly.
now i wanted to fix my problem.

i drawed a box
and it is very ugly.
now i wanted to fix my problem.

You mean you need higher resolution ?
Or maybe texture filtering ?

what do you mean exactly by “physics model” ?

I don’t understand that too :eek:

Do you need a kind of “3D-Model” of that princess ?
Like ‘bumps’ with a bumpmap/normalmap ?

Or do you want that the textures of the tree cubes (at the “texture wall”) get intertwined ?

This thread is hilarious. Please do go on with it.

My guess is that this guy wants to overlap or tile this image without seeing edges or corners.

Thank you for the help.
This post I have found a better alternative.
Post address below.

Here, I posted my solution.
A picture only. Hope that I can be a the end of this post.