I made a new demo(md2 viewer)

It’s an md2(Quake2 Model) viewer. You can either get it at my website Spider3D.com under downloads, or you can download it here .

To optomize the model for faster rendering pull down the console with the ‘~’ key and type “optomize” at the console without the quotes. This will take somewhere between 2-3 minutes to process. If it takes longer, it just means it’s still processing.

I gained 500 fps on my Voodoo3 3000 after I optomized the massmouth model.

Press the Spacebar to cycle through the animation sequences.

Tell me what you think; bug reports, how much you hate it, how much you like it or whatver you want to say .

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One more instruction I forgot. You can load your own md2 models by typing “loadmd2” at the console followed by the model name. If the model isn’t in the same path as the program you’ll need to supply a path.

Skins have to be in tga format. Any size will do, my program automaticly resizes them when they’re loaded. To load the skin type “loadskin” followed by the targa file.