I love you guys (a rant)

A few weeks ago, I proposed porting GLFW to Mac OSX. I supposed that Id end up putting forth the lion’s share of the work.

Mind you, I have been working with the Crystal Space community, in which nobody helps anybody on the projects that are to be added to the whole, and to top it off, the author of Crystal Space changes the API more often than he changes his underwear. These two facts make a month’s work turn into years’ work, I found that I spent about 85% of my time keeping up with API changes. Needless to say, the engine had a mapper in the past which worked fine until the CS author changed the API, removing a function, making that mapper totally worthless and unuseable. Not one portion of the code was useable anymore.

When I got here, I was ready to face a community that was similar to the CS community. I was expecting to see poorly documented toolkits which shifted APIs often. I was expecting authors of toolkits to treat me like s**t on their shoes. I was so pleasantly surprised by the community helping each other out, I almost had a heart attack. When I made a suggestion about porting GLFW to OSX, the author was not only open to the suggestion, he provided so much “wood for the fire” that the port that I wanted to work on is almost done, now that I am nearly able to start on it.

Needless to say, I am very impressed with you guys. I think I have found a home here, and the mapper project that I had developed for Crystal Space is going to collect digital dust from now on.