I can't figure it out(dynamic lights/textured)

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I’ve looked and I’ve slaved trying to figure out how they make dynamic lightmaps draw on a wall, and fast. How on earth would you make a texture with a sphere on it draw along the walls your missile is close to? Same thing goes for Evolve; how do they get the ring to draw on the surface that is uneven? How do you get marks on walls and stuff like that? Do they create polygons paralel with the surface?

Treat me like I’m stupid 'cause I’ve asked this before, but it was lacking information that I needed to understand it. Sample programms won’t help, but getting me to understand the concept will. Like what would be some steps you could take to accomplish it.


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could I get a link/screenshot of the scene in homeworld that you are talking about? I can try to figure out how it works if I can see what’s going on…

For many things , you don’t need to generate a new lightmap, for example the light of the missle flying along a hallway can be done with a constant texture showing a round light, and then changing the texture coordinates. And when you change the texture, for example to a ring you could achieve an effect of lightring.

But i would like to see that shot from Homeworld to. Couldn’t remeber of such an effect !


But how do I get the texture to project onto an uneven surface?

I don’t have homeworld anymore, but I have these screenies for a new game that looks like it’s using the homeworld engine.

I believe the same technique they use for the red rings around the tanks is the same technique used to draw a round texture on a wall simulating light.

I just don’t understand how they project the light onto the wall. If I knew a way of converting the polygon vertices into UV coordinates, I could take any polygons the light is shinning on, and draw those polygons with blending on, right back onto the original polygon. But I don’t know how to do that, or if there’s even a simpler way.

Um, I just thought of a way to do the terain method, that ones easy because it’s already on the xy plane. I guess my questions is how do they project marks and round lights on walls that are non-planar…

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I got Evolve and Homewold mixed up, I originaly meant to say Evolve.

No one knows how to project a texture to a polygon?

check glut theres an example there, ive also written my own demo as well some time ago.