I can't dl the cg toolkit!

Anyone have a link to a site that has the Cg Toolkit Complete that isn’t nvidia. It keeps telling me that the server connection has been reset…I think it’s been 6 times now grrrrr.

Well, i had the same question today, but by accident i found out how to do it!

Go to NVs page, right-click the link and copy the url. Now insert the url into the address-bar. The address should be something like: ftp://download.nvidia.com/… or so.
Now change the “ftp” into “http” and try it again.
That should do it.

Confess, you would never have thought of that, would you?


I confess…I wouldn’t have LOL!


I notice that if you use a download manager like getright on nVidia’s site, it screws the file over and corrupts it. No idea why this is, but it sometimes does it.

I have noticed that no matter what you do, there is a 50/50 chance that the download is corrupted. When you try to download again, the download continues where it left off.

That’s what happens with very large files from nvidia.
//edit// not using any download managers!


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