HW compitability

How can I check compitability of my prog with different HW. My program, as long as it din’t included vertexshading, ran fine on GF2&TNT2 but went crazy on new intel boards. Somthing went wrong with textures (I wasn’t using texsubimage & din’t deleted old ones, jut overwrited the ints with new values so I guess that was the fault, shocking) I’d like to see what’ll happen with different options/effects on GF3/4 and ATI, but I don’t have 10+ Vcards in my shelf. Is there some sort of emulators.

Can you send me some more information about the problem behavior you’re seeing on Intel hardware? If it’s caused by a driver bug I might be able to help out. Thanks!

– Ben

I think it was my fault, because I generated n textures at two variables of unsigned int. I created 1 one, then used it in the list, then without deleting or subimaging created one I added next texture to same int.
and so on.
The result was - my skybox was generated correctly, but walls of house (walltex@tex0+lightmap@tex1) were made of one texture used in my skybox.
Although, I just remembered that wall textures are the first ones generated in my app.