Human model and animation


What is the best method to create in OpenGL a human hands which are working with cables (I need to make a hand that pluging cable to electronic device)? Do I need to create it in 3ds max or I can download that model from somewhere? And what about animation of hands and cables? Can somebody help me?

yep, you have to use 3Dmax or different 3D modeling program, to model the hand and then animate it …

Reading models in 3DS format is not very difficult, you can find many programs on the net that will show you how to access the data inside, however to read keyframe animation will be little tricky, since there are not many tutorials about how to read animation . However once you figure out how to read 3DS data, you can figure out how to load animation as well . Its not easy, but can be done, as long as you know what you doing …

Im playing with reading of animation from 3DS, right now, once I am done I will post Full tutorial on how to load 3DS object with animation .

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In other hands you can develop a plugin for Max, Maya or Blender, to export skinning and keyframe information, then do the animation stuff in your engine (vertex program, animation blending, etc …). This method takes time of course.


I just implemented a skeletal model system to replace the previous support for MD2 models. I use MilkShape 3D, and I wrote a simple custom exporter for it. Milkshape is worth looking into because it supports many common model file formats (3ds, quake1,2,3, half-life, unreal, etc.) for both import and export. Thus, you can find plenty of models on the internet with different animations to suit your needs.