HPUX10.2 shared lib

I am creating (actually modifying) an .sl with functions to report real time results graphically. The parts work quite well when compiled in a stand alone C program, but as functions in a library they compile fine. But, at runtime, I get an error for an unresolved symbol : _X11TransferBytesReadable from /usr/lib/X11R6/libXhp11.2. I believe it is because some of the header files I must use for the (Agilent) tester functions were compiled using X11R5 libraries. I have contacted Agilent and expect little or no help, but if one of you folks has run into a similar situation, I would love to see it, as it is I will have to write a separate program and call it if I can’t find a magic bullet, and that is not going to be fun.