HOWTO reset OpenGL

I have an application which uses Qt OpenGL and VTK ( )
This application runs without problems under SuSE Linux with an NVIDIA driver and also under window.
But I also have another Linux system with SuSE Linux 8.1 and a Voodoo 3 card.
On this System I have the following problem:
The firt OpenGL scene is shown correctly.
But when i change to a different mask in my program I get an access violation when a second OpenGL scene is shown.
How do I have to clean up OpenGL correctly in order to be able to initialize it later again ? Or is this problem an issue of the Voodoo 3 driver for Linux ?

This all depends on what you do when initializing during a scene.Do you use the same context for all scenes or do you create a context each time you initialize a new scene?If you do that you better destroy the old context first(although that shouldn’t be strictly neccessary).Other than that a driver bug is possible as well

I solved the problem:
My application is a Qt application.
When I instantiate a QGLWidget in the contructor of my application and call makeCurrent() on the QGLWidget I it works.
It seems that you have to initialize OpenGL this way in order to have the possibility of many OpenGL Widgets.
Strange ???

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