HOWTO install/use opengl 2.0 ?


i would like to use the brand new opengl 2.0, but where i can get the library for windows. Of course i know, that i can use opengl 1.1 since win32. But where i can get the .h and .lib files from the new one?

Even i don’t have a High Tech NVIDIA or ATI 3D card, i would like to test opengl in software mode. My special interests are point on the cool new shader language. ( Before i can swim in water, i try it dry :wink: )

Bye and thanks in adwance, dodo502b

no way in testing glsl if your card can’t support it.

oh - there is no software implementation of all functions? I don’t await a fps of 60, but for testing i think about to render one image within 1 min.

But - once more, where i can get the library for Opengl 2.0 ?;f=9;t=000377

There is no stand alone software library for 2.0, but if you card supports it, download the driver.