How to use OpenGL2.0 ?

What is exactly OpenGL 2.0 so important and how can we use it? From all the c++ compilers i checked, the opengl headers/libs provided are all version 1.3 sometimes less. Are there any 2.0 headers/libs we can download?

First of all, you need a driver that has support for OpenGL 2.0. Then you can get the address of the function you want to use, and afterwards you use it.
It’s a bit complicated. Unfortunately, I don’t have accessible some code I had written that could help you.
If memory serves me well, you should search for wglGetProcAddress

I only have the catalyst drivers that i download from ATI (my graphics card is a R9600). I can’t use any other drivers.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we just use OpenGL 2.0 headers/libs ?

Near the end “more than 1.1 fonctionality” :
You only need drivers and include files. No lib.

But use for the easier way.

Thank you.

I have to find something with mingw libs. Glew an api for opengl that is open source doesn’t have libs for mingw the most important open source compiler on windows. LOL

Did not try myself but what about compiling the libs yourself from source, with mingw ?

No problem. I allways wanted to learn the opengl extension mechanism anyway.