How to use OpenGL to render Unicode fonts?

How can I display Unicode fonts using glCallLists? :slight_smile:

The version I have works only for ANSI fonts but not for Unicode :frowning:

Source Code would in favour :slight_smile:

Hi !

Do you need a platform independant solution or are you using a specific OS ?

If you use windows I belive the wgl font functions work just fine with unicode if you just have enough memory to handle the fonts.


The solution must not be platform-independent.
The program should only run on Windows XP and 2000. :wink:

I can send to you my font classes. It is capable to create texture from any windows font with requested codepage, size, bold, italic, underline.
ShowStr function renders text and take care of kerning and spacing.


Wow. I’m pretty interested in that. Can you spend some time explaining how did you make it work?
Unicode is something unclear to me.


Unfotunately the classes don’t work with Unicode text :frowning:

I just need to know how to draw Unicode (wide character) text strings. I would be glad if someonce could post sample code that shows how to do that. :slight_smile: