How to use GLEW functions?

Hello again people!

I’m just starting with GLEW, I already download and extracted all needed files to my application, but I can’t really figure out how to use a GLEW extension function, it seems all functions is not actually a function but a #DEFINE directive.

What I have to do to get the functions working properly?


Well it is very simple : init glew, check if extension is available, use it.
Explained here :

Hm… interesting… although they are a #define directive, the pointer will be assigned at run time? How it works? why can I call a defined variable as a function?

Anyway, the disadvantage is that InteliSense won’t work in that way.

I had a problem because I’m working on a virtual machine and the virtual video driver only supports OGL 1.1. Then, that is the cause I got an error when calling the extension functions.

Thanks again!