How to use fullscreen mode with AUX?

I’va spent a day in search engines looking for a way to use fullscreen in opengl and fount only GLUT examples. Can anyone tell me how to do this with AUX. E-mail me at :mad:

ive downloaded glut as you suggested but compiler says that it doesnt know any “glutEnterGameMode” :confused:
(its a Visual Studio .NET 7 )

If you have to use glAUX, I suggest that you get the source code of the library (in case you are using Windows, its part of the Win32 SDK as far as I recall) and change it to fit your needs.

However, I strongly recommend that you DONT use glAUX. Not only that it’s stone old, its buggy as hell, has tons of memory leaks and was discontinued for good reasons.

I would suggest you use either GLUT or the wgl functions. You can find more information at

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