How to use 3D exploration

dear friends,

i’ve already downloading 3D Exploration, but when i’ll try to generate my 3d object (i made it from 3Ds mx) into display list i could showed the object.
It’s just looks like one black window, no 3d object appear.
I’bve already use the lib and header file from the opengl like gl,glu,glaux etc but is still not show.
would u help me

I also face this problem…

I belive it is caused by the incorrect setting of viewport. Unfortunately, i dunno how to slove it. I’ve tried to generate a sample application in 3d exploration, after compiling, it does works, but it’s a win32 application, not console program, i dunno how to convert them to console programs.

anyone can give a hand?

Well… Kinda hard to convert a win32 app to a console app… better make a new GLUT console app altogether and copy and paste the display list from the sample application.

Write a little sample app, from which you know it works. Include the *.cpp-file generated by 3D Exploration. Call Gen3DObjectList() somewhere in your initialization to generate the display list. Set your camera and lights a little more far away from the origin than you are used to (because the scaling of the exported object seems a little wired to me). Call the display list. If you are not inside the object, you should see it. If you don’t, try exporting with vertices and normals only, perhaps also with materials, but materials are exported wrong in a future version (1.2.5 I think). I don’t know, whether the new version works better.

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