How to update my OpenGL

My pc does not have the latest version of opengl.I want to run citra but my openGL version is 2.1 can anyone help me to upgrade my openGL version??

OpenGL is provided by the drivers for your video hardware. The maximum version depends upon your video hardware. If the hardware vendor (for PC, this is usually either Intel, AMD or Nvidia) doesn’t provide drivers which support a higher version than OpenGL 2.1, it’s because your hardware doesn’t support any higher version. As a rough guide, if you hardware doesn’t support DirectX 10, it won’t support OpenGL 3.x either.

My gpu is Intel® HD Graphics and supports directX 11.How can I update OpenGL?I want openGL 3.4 or above.

Try the Intel download centre. You need to find the correct drivers for your CPU model and Windows version.

I tried so many graphic drivers even driver booster to check but no way.I really need openGL new version

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