How to uninstall gcc completely(gcc 2.9**)

I read about some friends post yesterday,you say some lib files may not remove completely,so I am worry about this ,I download the game “quake”,but it need
but mine is
so I want to uninstall my gcc lib,
who know the whole operate?

Depends on your distribution.What are you running?Generally you want to find what package libm is in download the package with the new version and use it to update the system.I’m assuming you’re running a distro with package support.If you aren’t you should know what to do.

I just know yesterday,I want to uninstall dlibc ,but it can’t,most of the software say they need the file.So how could I do?

So you need to downgrade.Look for a package with old libraries (there’s one like that in debian).Anyway you don’t need to uninstall libc.Just get should be part of older libc packages) and install it or even try making a symlink named which points to wherever is pointing.I doubt it needs the older library it just needs to find the specific file.

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