How to track "maximize / minimize (window) " events? In Linux

I have a small issue with maximizing / minimizing window size using window status bar (?) menu .
I have implemented glutMenuStatusFunc(OpenGL_MenuStatus); callback but so far do not see it being used.
Is there any way to track the window menu events?
I have all mouse callback working perfectly, but none of them are activated via window menu events.

The reshape callback (registered via glutReshapeFunc) will be invoked if the window size changes. It doesn’t distinguish between resizing via dragging and maximising. The visibility callback (registered via glutVisibilityFunc) will be called if a window is minimised (hidden) or restored.

The menu callback is only invoked for menus created through GLUT, not system (window manager) menus.

If you need more fine-grained control over window management, you’ll need to use a more general UI toolkit (GTK+, Qt, wxWidgets, etc). GLUT prioritises simplicity over functionality; it was designed to allow the “red book” example programs to be written with a minimum amount of boilerplate.

for some yet unknown reason glutReshapeFunc is not executing.
Yet another user created bug.
I went to “minimal configuration” and still no go.
Should glutDisplayFunc execute BEFORE I see the initial; window?

I have “painted myself into a corner” - I maintain several “state machines” and my code stepped on “display / resize” processes.
All is well…
Thanks for forum debugging help.
Appreciate the support given.

This is just one of those “why” questions of mine. Sorry.
After successfully implementing stencil I went back to test “maximize / minimize etc.” window status bar pop-up menu
Using simple tracking /debugging process I confirmed that “reshape” callback is one of the first processed after the application starts. Not much to do except build an empty window of size.
Then “display” works on stenciling and after its completion “idle function / callback”
When I run “(window) maximize” “reshape” callback is run again, however…
for yet unknown reason callback which monitors mouse movement without any buttons being active also runs several times. I call this “passive mouse callback”.
The only mouse movement was IN window status bar and during that time no passive callback debug tracks were generated.

When I move mouse in window proper, this passive mouse callback is executed correctly.