How to test display list size?

hi everyone!
Is there any way you can get info on how much of video card memory consumed display list you’ve just created?

thanks for your help

No. And there’s even no guarantee they end up in the video memory.

Thanks Bob!
But maybe there’s any way you can get info on how much of your video card memory is free?..

If it’s not possible at all to test display lists sizes, it means I can’t control my display lists…

I was thinking of implementing that kind of system in my engine that would dynamically put and free display lists…
Geometry being closer would be stored in display lists and as I move it would intelligently free some of display lists or allocate new display lists, so that all geometry close to me would be stored in them

However all that would require some way of controlling my display lists not to grow to much…
Hmmm…It’s confusing.

This is over at nVidia’s developer website. Might help:

Thanks for link.

I tried that out on my GF2, of course it works…so it looks like there is some way you can test your video memory usage

However that test took quite a long time (about 1 sec), so I don’t know if that would be acceptable to perform such tests while rendering etc…or maybe it was only initialisation overhead of that application?