How to start OGL programming under linux?

I did some OpenGL programming for Windows.
But now I want to do the same for Linux.
So - who can tell me how to start OpenGL programming for Linux?
What do I need, where can I get more informations?



i s’pose, you didn’t use glut, but wgl for window management…
glut is available on (almost?) all platforms that have an opengl implementation.
if you need more than windowing (eg event handling, network, sound…) then you’ll want to try sdl (
oh, of course it is (like glut) platform-independant and free.

good luck!
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If you have a nvidia card should you get drivers and information directly from them. If you have another card can you check this site

OpenGL under Unix/Linux is described in detail on the SGI site. Here is one link

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