how to solve pincushion distortion in VR?

Hello everyone,

I am a complete newbie. We have a HiBall VR system with an Nvis HMD. Our virtual scenes are very distorted, especially if you move your head up-down. We suspect it is caused by pincushion distortion. Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve it in OpenGL?

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Swarthmore College

I am not that familiar with VR but normally in openGL when you get any kind of distortion it is usually a faulty FOV value, if it’s to high it will start to distort, i have found that a fov of around 45 works best on a computer screen, though your equipment may require something else.

But remember it’s not really true pincushion distortion, if that where the case you could always render to a texture and then with the help of a dense quad grid with modified texture coordinates correct it a bit.
Instead it works on a per vertex level meaning the above mentioned technique will only work with small distortions.