how to show a 3d object with rotation function?

Hello, everyone,

Just got a project trying to build up a webpage containing a 3d object which can rotate at the user’s will(by clicking buttons provided). It just like on-line shopping, the customers want to take a look at the real object before buying it. What’s the best way to do it? OpenGL? Flash? Many many thanks in advance.



if you assume a medium fast connection I would suggest you use VRML. It is easy to create the models with 3DS or any other free modeler which supports VRML. It is easy to implement it into your web page. The dark site of this all is the user has to download and install VRML viewer (I suggest you link to Cortona VRML-Client ( )).


P.S.: You are the completely wrong forum! Please only post questions related to OpenGL-programming next time. Thanks!

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