how to share vertex program parameters between window buffer and pbuffer

I’ve created a pbuffer and have used wglShareLists in order to use the same memory (allocated for lists VAO’s and textures) and it worked.
My program is crushing when I’m using the same vertex program in window and pbuffer and only then if I’m using Local or Env Parameters.
What to do?
Please help.
I have Radeon 9700

It was simple - sorry.

Maybe you can post the solution so that others who have the same problem can just use the ‘search’ feature of the forum to find their answers?

OK here’s the solution.
Let hrc1 -be the first context and hrc2 - second.
You have to change your env parameters only in that context that created vertex program (ie hrc1).
This works for env parameters. As for locals, I don’t know exactly. I’ve created new programs in hrc2 that are using different locals than those in hrc1. It worked for me coz I needed different programs. But I don’t what will happen If You use exactly the same program in hrc2 as in hrc1 and that program must use different local values in hrc1 and in hrc2.
I don’t know what will happen on nVidia cards but I think it will crush on ATI.