how to set csgl

I tried to use example NeHeLesson with C# and when I compiled and got error:Additional information: The located assembly’s manifest definition with name ‘CsGL’ does not match the assembly reference.
I dont know how to fix it. I tried to get fix everything as I can think. least tell me what is its error about?

It means you need the CsGL assembly. Do a google search for it.

Edit: You will also need to add the assembly to your references…

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you mean I need to add my references with opengl.dll?

You need to reference csgl.dll.

Then, in your code you would:

using CsGL.OpenGL;


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, CsGL is not a library that ships with C#. It is a third party library that you need to download.

You can get it here: