How to run in Linux

Dear OpneGL Lovers

I am a beginner in OpenGL. I like to switch from Visual studio and from windows platform to Linux. What addtional software and things I need to know before I start that. I am going to start my MSc in Computer Graphics where the lab is equiped with Linux.


This is a huge question and (at least my opinion) would be better suited for the Lab Manager at your Graphics Lab.

Basically I would find out what software the lab is running and duplicate it on your machine (ie make and version of Linux, development software, etc). Having things the same should make things easier in the long run.

You need to get Linux up and running before you even think about worrying about OpenGL.

Aside from a compiler (gcc should be installed on every distribution) and a driver for your graphics card you should not need anything else…

Of course, if you want to use glut, SDL or something like that, you would need these, too.

…plus a nice editor, of course.

i use vi most of the time, although it’s not
very comfortable, but i got used to it over the
years (some weeks ago i even found out how to
activate syntax highlighting :smiley: ). same with emacs.

a good choice is nedit. simple, but it has syntax highlighting, line numbering etc.

a bit more sophisticated is kate, which is a bit like an IDE. finally i heard about kdevelop, but i’ve never used it.