how to render a model independently from the light source


I set up a tool that allows user to adjust the light amount from a light source. Any models’ colors will turn darker or lighter if the light amount is changed. But for a particular model, I want it to be independent from the light source. No matter how dark the environment is, I always want the model to show its full, true colors as if it gains full light. What should I do when rendering this model? Your help is much appreciated.


You might disable lighting (glDisable( GL_LIGHTING))when you draw that model or you can use texture environment (glTexEnv) which does not use vertex color (e.g. GL_REPLACE) when you draw that model.

Or just change the intensity of the light source to full before drawing this particular model, and changing it back afterwards…

Depends on what effect you actually want (100% color intensity everywhere, or just 100% light intensity).

You might also have the object contain the light-parameters that it “needs”, allowing you to easily keep track of different light settings for different objects.

Another option is to have a list of lights and each object have a pointer into this list (makes it easier if several objects use identical lighting params).