How to remove an FPS cap from an android game

I have this 3D android game that was made using a modified version of unreal engine 3 and it uses OpenGL. I have access to its source code but I am confused as f*** as to how to go about finding the function that controls the frame-rate. I want to remove the 30 fps cap and ideally cap it to 60 instead. do any of you guys have any idea what kind of things (function names / variable names etc) to look out for when trying to modify the FPS of this type of game. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


public class FPSCounter {
long startTime = System.nanoTime();
int frames = 0;

public void logFrame() {
if(System.nanoTime() - startTime >= 1000000000) {
Log.d(“FPSCounter”, "fps: " + frames);
startTime = System.nanoTime();

I have to thank both of you for your quick responses. They have really enlightened me on this situation.

I looked for a function named “eglsawpinterval” but couldn’t find any with those words. However I did manage to find a function called “CFPScounter(void)” and a function called “cfpscounter:;registarframe(long,int,int,int,int)” (not sure If I have spelled it correctly). I didn’t see a function called “log frames”.

My question now is “have I found the right functions?”.

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