How to open .img.bin files on mac? (for opening openglsdk download)

hey ! I am new to mac.
I downloaded the open gl sdk from as an img.bin file but could not open it as my nac says that it could not find translators.
Can any body help me with this?

You need to use a de-compressor software…the standard one is (the freeware) Aladdin systems ‘StuffIt’ program. It should be on your MacOS software disk…or download it from
you’ll need Apple’s (freeware) ‘Disk Copy’ prog to get to the ‘.img’ , which is actually a disc-image, THAT"LL 'MOUNT" THE IMAGE ON YOUR DESKTOP FOR YOU TO INSTALL FROM > IT"S LIKE A “VIRTUAL DISK” AND WILL ‘DISAPPEAR’ AS SOON AS YOU DROP IT ONTO THE TRASH BIN WITHOUT NEED FOR EMPTYING!
once these softwares are installed you can basically forget about them,…they know what to help you open automatically…

Hope this helps.

it works fine now

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