How to make Textures look like as in Serios Sam Test or SOF

Could Anybody explain me how to make textures to look so (as tey are in solder of fortune & serios Sam test) when I’m looking at a textured wall from a very close range.

Is it done with mipmaping or just
glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, And Somethig here?);

thaks for help.

They’re using detail textures.

There’s an extension for OGL but it’s not available for consumer cards.



I like very much the detail texture principle. I searched the web for implementations not using the GL extension ; but except the links you mentionned I did not find anything. So I finally came up with my own implementation.

I was wandering what kind of implementations exist ?!

For the piece of code I have :

  • the geometry is drawn one more time with detail texture modulating the already drawn part,
  • the detail texture coordinates are generated using the TextureMatrix to scale to objects original texture coordinates (by a value related to the original texture size in pixels)
  • my detail textures are tweaked to have an alpha value, which allows me to fade the detail texture when it becomes too small & to use alpha testing : the different mipmaps of my detail textures have decreasing alpha values.