How to make eyes and mouth in a image animated and display

I have a 2D image which I need to convert it into 3D with a eyes and mouth animated on it. I just rendered the 2D image into a model and now I need to make the mouth and eyes to be animmated, where I need to make the eyes blnk and mouth open and close. How to do this in iphone.

Just like the below link. … PfuI#t=41s

For learning OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0, I highly recommend the PowerVR SDK which you can download from: … /index.asp

Start with either the Windows or OSX PC Emulation versions. This SDK contains a demo named EvilSkull (for 1.1) which shows how to do animated morphing of a face, with compete source code in C++. There is also the PhantomMask demo which shows how to create models of a face with animations and mapped texture coordinates from a tool like Blender.

Regards, Clay

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