How to learn OpenGL ES 2.0 without any previous experienced on OpenGL

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The first time I attempted to use OpenGL ES 2.0 is when I doing a Android tutorial on the official Android developer site (Couldn’t paste the link here due to limitation of the first post). It is really cool to add some graphics/animation to your app and I think I will spend some time to learn about this. At that time I still thought I am a quick learner and I was wrong.
I could not mapping the pixel on the phone screen with the [-1 1] coordinating system of OpenGL after days of Googling and hoping for some detailed tutorial online. The way the library is used also strange me in several points (yeah, I’m not quite an experienced developer). For example: we have to write the code for the shader (C++ code I think) in a string! And the way we access to “program” and its components through a integer by calling is really make me think why the API is so complicated.

I would really love to have your advices on learning OpenGL (specifically OpenGL ES 2.0). If your method was Googling, I hope that you can point me to some good sites.

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I’m doing the same thing… the Android graphics tutorials are very helpful.

This was my starting point, it explains OpenGL ES from a conceptual point first then goes into examples:
blog (dot) db-in (dot) com/all-about-opengl-es-2-x-part-1/

I found the following helpful:

Going through the Android Graphics with OpenGL ES tutorial (it also includes complete source code for you to look at)
developer (dot) android (dot) com/training/graphics/opengl/index.html

This site has a tutorial and lots of other in-depth information but its a bit more advanced
www (dot) learnopengles (dot) com

androidblog (dot) reindustries (dot) com/a-real-open-gl-es-2-0-2d-tutorial-part-1/

Khronos Reference Docs
OpenGL ES 2.0 - www (dot) khronos (dot) org/opengles/sdk/docs/man/
OpenGL ES 3.0 - www (dot) khronos (dot) org/opengles/sdk/docs/man3/

I learned App Development for Android just from using Google and then I bought a book and learned how to Develop Apps for IOS.
When I started learning OpenGl ES 2.0 about a month ago there was really no question because you save so much time and energy if you just by one ore two book.
I bought “OpenGL ES 2 for Android: A Quick-Start Guide” and now I actually understand how OpenGl ES 2.0 works. It doesn’t give you any information about text rendering but it is a nice introduction.

So my advice spend some money and buy a good book. And take the time to read (most of) it, it will save you a lot of trouble :slight_smile:

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