How to install OpenGL in Linux Enterprice eduction -3


i installed redhart Linux Enerprice Edection -3 so
what is the way to install opengl?
it is alredy bild in linex verson?(its means no need to install opengl)
i just download header files from net ,where i will copy thous files?

thank you

The OpenGL headers and libraries should be installed by default unless you went with a custom install. They should be installed under /usr/X11R6/ If not installed look on the RHECDs for either xfree or xorg rpms. Not positive which ones you need but use the rpm command to query and list the files provided by each specific rpm.

rpm -q -p -l xfree*.rpm


rpm -q -p -l xorg*.rpm

Don’t actually put the * in there or you will end up with a very long list of all the files from all the rpms with no way of knowing what files are in which rpm unless you wish to install all rpms beginning with xfree or xorg… replace the * with the full name of the rpm.

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