how to install mesa on win xp

I am having some troubles installing mesa on windows. I dont have the vc++ IDE, just the command prompt.

The instructions for installing mesa advise that I open the .dsw and build the projects. How do I do this without the vc++ IDE?

As for the MingW32 install. The ReadMe says to edit the mingw32.bat file and then simply type mingw32 at the mesa /… but I dont have a .bat file with mesa!


How would I go about installing mesa using cygwin?? There is no config file with mesa and there is no such command as make…

Sorry, I just dont understand how to build/compile in windows yet… I’m a linux girl!

Any help appreciated.


Sorry if i ask you, but why are you trying to install mesa under windows?
As far as i know mesa is a linux implementation of OpenGL while windows has it’s own implementation in precompiled form of course.
Anyway if you have to do this for other reasons than just using OpenGL, it’s not going to be very easy. MinGW32 understands makefiles but if you need more scripts to compile the library you’ll probably have to rewrite them from bash format to .BAT ( which is not always possible ).
Cygwin instead is referred to as a Linux emulator under windows, so if it’s properly configured i think it could make your life easier.
Unfortunately I never used it, and for what i know it’s not that easy to make it work.
Try looking at, i found some interesting info there some time ago.
Let us know if you manage!
Byez =8)!