How to import two 3D format in a project?

I can import *.3ds and *.obj in two different MFC projects,but now I want to import these two formats in ONE project.I donnot know how to do?please tell me the details,thanks a lot…

Please read this site: as you don’t give enough details about your problem for anybody to actually help you.

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Hi,acturally I just want to develope a 3D file browser which can view both *.3ds and *.obj with MFC,just like famouse soft:3D Exploration or 3DView.This is my thesis.Now I have developed two softs,but one can only browse *.3ds,and the other can only browse *.obj.TEACH me how to resolve DC and RC so that I can view these two 3d formats in ONE project,please.thank you.RC and DC is the key ,isnot it?but I know little about it.

where is the big problem ? you have two loaders in your project, detect the file format and load it either with the .3ds or the .obj loader. maybe different structures are needed to store the data to, but so what ?
on the other hand this is not really opengl related but a normal programming question.