How to import *.3ds into OPENGL

I am just doing some research work of simulating manufacturing ,I want to import
model (*.3ds) into opengl(MFC+OPENGL),and
do some work based on it,can anybody give
some advice(or just post me your source code
,thanks a lot)!

dunnow if it will help you, but i mailed my totally unefficiënt but working loader so you can see how it’s done


take this:

As you’re using MFC, you might want to check out my minimalist 3DS decode and display example at:


I don’t know about you, but a good tut on decoding and using animation frames from a 3ds file would be really useful

Sorry for posting to this OT thread.

Hey guys, what abou “gooooogling”?

Official 3ds file format docs with every single chunk described.